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About  Us

'The Wedding Planner' came to be from my own experience as the Mother of the Bride.  I spent my only daughter's wedding day just one step behind her.  When she went to have her hair and make-up done, I was putting the finishing touches on the reception hall. When she went to the church to get dressed for pictures, I was having my hair done.  When she was taking photos, I was getting dressed.  This was the biggest event of her life and I felt like I'd missed most of it.

In April of 2016 I purchased the inventory of Lush Wedding Design and Rental  out of central Minnesota.  A beautifully wrapped trailer was part of the business so I decided to officially adopt that name and still refer to myself as 'The Wedding Planner'.  The two have meshed and the inventory available has doubled.


My goal as 'The Wedding Planner', and now as Lush Wedding Design and Rentalhas always been to make sure that brides and parents can share this special day with a feeling of calmness and pride.  Let me take the stress away and help to make your dream day a reality. There are a million and one details that go into a well-planned wedding event.  The only thing you should be thinking about that day is the importance and beauty of the day.


We will sit down together and visit about your vision of the day. Some brides already know how they want to decorate while others are looking for ideas and a place to start.  My services can be tailored to your needs.


Rental inventory is forever expanding.  You can save money by renting the basic decorating pieces as compared to purchasing them yourself.  Any  consumable materials must be purchased by you. For the brides who use my services, access is given to the majority of my rental inventory as part of the package.




Marriage Proposals


Are you ready to ask the most important question of your life?  Lush Wedding Design and Rental can help you to set the perfect mood for a moment that she'll treasure forever.

Wedding Co- Ordination


With so many details to think about, it can be a challenge to also coordinate all of the people involved in your wedding weekend.  We can help to keep things flowing and everyone relaxed before you walk down the aisle.


Party Co-Ordination


Engagement parties, bridal showers, groom's supper, bridesmaid luncheon, gift opening?  Any or all of these can be coordinated by Lush Wedding Design and Rental.

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