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Berge/Argall Wedding

The ceremony was lakeside. Our rustic arch worked perfectly.

Aisle chairs were adorned with navy blue hydrangeas, burlap and lace. Guests picked up a program before seating themselves.

The bridesmaid bouquets added a real pop of color to the head table.

Top tier of the head table was reserved for the Bride, Groom, Maid of Honor and Best Man.

Doing a two-tiered head table is a fun alternative when space allows.

We covered a white board and added our rustic window frames and canvas pictures of the couples.

Our ivory dresser served as the guest book table. Notice the twine wrapped pens accented in their colors.

Memory pictures are so special. We also displayed our 2020 Covid care and concern tips from the couple.

A schedule of the day with times for the available shuttle greeted guests as they arrived.

Burlap silverware sleeves add some interest to each guest setting.

Family members were seated at round tables instead of rectangles.

Overview of the room.

Even the little tables were utilized for guests.

Another view of the head table accented by our rustic doors, barrels, and huge floral arrangements.

Glass bottles were wrapped with jute and rustic pearls while lace masons and jute bottles held rustic keys and locks.

Fairy lights lit up the large rustic masons.

We took advantage of an unused stairway to highlight one of the couple's canvas pictures. The rustic nail bin held their cards.

Kiddos always enjoy having their own activities.

The couple's cake was front and center on a 3-D rustic base of wood, fairy lights and baby's breath. The old cabinet holds lots of yummy cupcakes.

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