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Undem/Daggit Wedding

Unique to this couple - they were married on the dance floor. We added a neutral backdrop to focus attention on them.

Tons of fall leaves, garlands, and accents were added to our rustic arch.

The aisle was adorned with rustic sunflower hangers and large glass goblets filled with pinecones, fall gourds and fairy lights.


Baskets of pinecones, fall leaves and fairy lights set on each side of the arch.

Our vintage table served as the base for the Unity Sand ceremony.

Our whiskey/wine barrels sat on each side of the stairs. The tops were covered in a variety of corn and leaf decor.

Close-up of the goblets that lined the aisle. Fall leaves were scattered at the base for extra color.

A simple fall garland and rustic window frames make up the backdrop. The bridesmaid bouquet rings were pinned to the front of the head table.

A cupcake display was created using different wood slabs and crates.

Beautiful fall leaves were scattered everywhere. Cupcakes were wrapped for extra safety.

In another attempt to keep Covid in mind, nuts and mints were prepackaged in single servings and accented with a mini rusty sunflower.

A variety of bars were also available to guests.

The Memory Table is a treasured display.

Overview of the room.

Fun was had at the Photo Booth!

Popcorn and can koozies are always a favorite.

Our rustic door trio provided the backdrop for the popcorn table.

One of the reserved tables for the parents.

Fall decor was displayed in little wood boxes. A custom cheese box candle, corn candle were topped off with a rusty sunflower.

Alternating table arrangements were a tall cylinder of corn surrounded by candlelight.

A close-up view of some of the head table decor. Rustic, fall and naturals abound.

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